Friday, February 19, 2016

A Fine Day

It was a fine day, not the great day I said it had the potential for being, but a perfectly pleasant and acceptable one.  Unsatisfactory only in the sense that I wasn't incredibly productive.  But Friday is something of a relaxation day for me, so having one day to binge-watch Netflix and watch Youtube videos isn't exactly the death of productivity or potential.

So in a sense I failed.  But in a way I think a "deserved" today, and actually I did do what I wanted to today.  Which is anything I wanted solely for the fact that I wanted it.  This has no deep justification in a sense, but compared to any other act that neither prevents pain nor causes it doesn't need any.  That is if I'm doing something, something that doesn't now or in the future harm me or anyone else, or anything that doen't prevent or alleviate the pain of me or anyone else, than all actions are in-effect equally meaningless.  They have no justification, but because they cause no pain they don't require justification. 

Hopefully I'll do something worthwhile tomorrow.  We'll see.

Oh.  And I watched the entire series of Love in one day.  It was pretty good.  Somewhat original in the dynamic it portrays.

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