Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brief Note on Obvious Narcissism and Pseudo-intellectualism/virtue

As an amusing side-note, a few weeks ago with a friend of mine I was browsing facebook on his account (I don't bother with that trash) and I came by a egotistical post that a lot of hipsterish pseudo-intellectual types were posting about how they don't like "average" conversations and instead they want to talk about oh-so deep things.  I knew these people in high school, and I can tell you they are no intellectuals.  I found it very amusing that these shallow, superficial wretches want to post this as if people wouldn't in a moment see through the skin-deep façade and see what it really said about them as people.  Not that they were deep, or intelligent, but shallow egotistical cunts (most of them were female, not that it really matters) who cared more about appearing intelligent than actually being so.  And if society cared more about kindness they'd also pretend to be more kind without truly embodying said quality. 

At college now I'm seeing a lot of this actually.  A lot of egotism and pseudo-profundity.  A lot of self-centeredness.  Oh well.

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