Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brief Update and New Atheists as the New Logical Positivists

Hey guys.  I know I've been posting a lot of stuff lately.  Half "semi-professional" posts (full essays) and the other half non-professional.  Been pretty busy with classes.  Been working on some stuff.  I'm about one-third done with Rameau's Nephew.  I like it so far but not quite in love with it.  We'll see.

One observation I've made lately is that the New Atheists are really the New Logical Positivits.  Because they value ideas as the driving source of things and not material conditions, I compared them and a type of Liberalism to Young Hegelianism - and though I think that still holds, I think a far-more accurate comparison is 'tween them and the "uber scientism" of Logical Positivism.

Which is funny because Logical Positivism is one of those rare philosophies that's been thoroughly discredited and pretty much everyone agrees about it - now that doesn't mean that it is false necessarily, but when you can get a bunch of philosophers to agree that a philosophy is dead there probably is a corpse under your coach to create such a stink.

I mean there are still Platonists around for God's sake, and that's saying something.

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