Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Identity Politics are Bull Shit

I just saw the latest one-on-one interview on Bill Maher's show.  And I have to say:  Gloria Steinem is an idiot.  Yes, women become more "radical" as they grow older (which I've never seen any data representing) and young women who support Bernie Sanders are for him just because that's where "the boys are."  What an insipid cunt.  Yes, old fifty year old women who support Conservative-Democrat Hilary Rodham Clinton are "radical."  Spare me.

Clearly she's someone who believes and acts on Identity Politics, is a Feminist first and a rational person second (to the extent that she ever is rational), so wants Clinton president  because she sees it as an "victory for the girls."  Great example of ideology being valued over common sense and Identity Politics being deemed more important than Progressive values.

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