Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Not Worth It

If people weren't sad at my leaving I maybe would commit suicide.  I don't see any reason for me to stay here except ethical ones.  And I don't think I'll make a dent in the suffering of this world.  There are some things I want but even if I got them it would've been better if I never existed.  Better that this world and this entire existence never was.

I'm young.  I have decades more of this life and it'll likely only get worse through loss of health and potential loss of even more.  Christ.  This is my life.  If I thought there were any being to take mercy on me I would ask it to end my life if no others suffered through my loss, or at-least not greatly.

This is my life in its prime.  It will only get worse.  At least committing suicide in old age seems to be open ethically.  The only major problem will be if my sister will be a part of my life to hear about it.

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