Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mad I have to do something I don't want to

Hopefully more substantive stuff on the way.  Right now I just wanted to quickly bitch that its mandatory that students where I attend take several quizzes about alcohol and consent.  Because I didn't know alcohol kills brain cells and rape is bad.  How about telling me that cigarettes make you smell like shit and give you lung cancer and to look both ways 'fore I walk across the street, while you're at it?  I'm uber Progressive, but I think even Progressive people are getting sick of the "guilty until proven innocent" condescending and collectivist tendencies of "liberal" SJW types. 

I was charged over one hundred dollars as a "room fee" because someone else did some dumb shit, and instead of getting off their asses and seeing who did it and, I don't know, prosecuting him they just decide to penalize everyone through guilt via proximity.  Same thing here.  I'm a college student and Feminists spread a lot of dis-information about rape on campus, so obviously I need to be educated that sticking my dick in someone when they're passed out is morally not kosher.  Fuck me.

I was actually thinking about being a social works major as well as being one of philosophy, but if I have to deal with a lot of white knight SJW types that have become the cliche' of Sociology departments then just forget it.  I'll do Philosophy and anything else as long as I don't have to deal with a lot of pseudo-intellectual hipster wannabes.

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