Monday, February 8, 2016

Saying what you will say before you say it - don't.

First we will engage in foreplay.  I will stick my tongue in your mouth and swirl it counter-clockwise, then clockwise.  After this I will fondle your balls and make sure your erection is at an adequate length.  I will initiate oral pleasuring for two to five minutes, always stopping when ejaculation is about to be induced.  Then we'll explore the delicate and nuanced art of the reverse cowgirl until mutual satisfaction is met.  Then maybe some handsy stuff.

Just do what you're going to do and say what you're going to say.  It shouldn't be deemed "professional" to in excruciating detail, Martha Nussbaum, tell me what you're going to tell me before you tell me it.  Just get to the fucking point.  Hannah Arendt doesn't do this, but she repeats herself often.  The former seems worse (at-least to me) but it really isn't as long as it doesn't take up as much of my time as the latter.  Arendt's essay on Plato and the divide between philosophy and politics does not need to be over thirty pages.  Christ.

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