Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Downfall of our World

Since a young age I've loved learning and based my life on the principle that curiosity and independent thought are the salvation of our species.  There are professors I've had who understood the value of what they taught and clearly were yearning and capable to instill curiosity and morality in their students.  Most of the professors I've seen where I am however are hacks and seem almost directed towards making their classes as boring and tedious as possible, picking some of the most uninspired and dry texts, and seem almost eager to reinforce the apathy many have towards intellectual topics and philosophy.  This is something Noam Chomsky has mentioned, and I feel compelled to agree with him.  The professors I had in my two-year school were far-more personable on average and more inclined to inspire I find than these charlatans of knowledge and wisdom I now see in my school with honors and high academic standing.

These people don't seem to comprehend the value of art and philosophy to enrichen the soul and have us experience the heights of being a human.  They don't understand that wisdom is a state of being, and compassion is the highest form of wisdom someone can ever hope to achieve.

I know its not their fault.  I feel sorry for them, but I feel even more sorry for their students who are ignorant but of good heart, and want to learn about useful and literary things to ennoble them and make them better people - this is what the Liberal Arts are meant for.  Any other purpose is simply flattery and window dressing for a bleak life of the "practical arts" and scrounging for bourgeois comfort and bourgeois status in this wretched society.

We need a political revolution.  But even more than this a revolution of the self, of the spirit, of the will is required.  And this is one that cannot be anything but grass roots and democratic; there is no and can be no Representative Democracy of the soul - of the legislation of our state of being.  And just, as a Social Anarchist, I believe human beings must communally govern the affairs of their society, so I believe that every human being loses something when they are told that their existence is not an ethical one - that their choices are not first and foremost ethical choices of how they relate to their fellow Man.  We are told we exist for our own comfort and to flatter others so they might be swayed to stroke our own egos in turn.  We are told we exist to continue this nonsensical cycle of existence and senseless struggle for forms of happiness and contentment that by their very nature will never bring solace to our souls.  We are told that to live well is to own a car and a house, to have a career in high-standing - but we are never once told that to be well is to be happy simply to be one's self and to do well is to dedicate one's life to the benefit of others, particularly the worst off in this awful world.

Contemporary Man is cut-off from his ethical-self in today's contemporary society; and society suffers from this not only socially, or materially, but psychologically or "spiritually."  He can never know himself, because his relations with others have nothing to do with himself.  With his inner being as a thinking, feeling creature.  Instead education is about professionalization; a routine, rigorous process where through the blandness of factoids one is instructed implicitly to lower one's mental and emotional functioning and have just enough mental work going on to diagnose a illness for the nth time but not enough to see the problems of this world and this life.

We must not allow the cruelty, apathy and vanity of the various systems of this world or the general chaos of this world to be internalized in us; to make us cruel or apathetic or vane.  Everything a human being is to learn in life is not what they are teaching by-enlarge in modern universities.  There are exceptions of course, and I've witnessed a host of exceptions in my own academic courses, but it seems that in general the system does not want to exercise the most human aspects of our being; it seems, again, almost at times that what they are doing is trying to remove them.  This, more-so than any poverty created by Capitalism, this poverty of the self, is the downfall of our world.

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