Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Savior Cannot be the Creator and Pessimist Realism

Two of the major flaws of Christianity are describing why we are "fallen" beings and the merging of the being who will get us out of this situation (supposedly Jesus) and the being that supposedly got us into this mess in the first place (the Creator).  We are "fallen" not because we sinned against God and therefore deserve to suffer forever (no ethical person could say this) but because of our natural state of being.  We are prone to immense suffering and desire only to feel briefly satisfied when desire is quenched.  Life is awful.  Though a savior is not likely (neither historically within the confines of Christianity, or generally speaking) we do require salvation of our tragic state - a salvation that will only come when we are welcomed by death into non-existence.  However, a more tentative and looser form of salvation only we can provide ourselves through ascetic practice, though we can help others find the path towards self-denial and self-mastery as well.

Also, though I believe that I can never know if the world is real, one argument one could make is its so awful, and evil abounds to such an extent that it must be real.  Only reality could naturally produce such a nightmare of a world, instead of being a delusion created by a conscious being for example.  Not clinching, but convincing; that is, not absolute, but gives some credence or support to realism in my view.

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