Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What do you want? Oh... well... here's a pointless update instead.

It is my moral obligation to love and forgive all of my fellow sufferers.  Just as I hope others are forgiving and kind towards me.  The wrong we do we do in ignorance of a sort; even if we know what we do is wrong, we cannot help but do what we do for we cannot help but be who we are.

Was going to work on a paper about Hume, Induction and Miracles.  But it turns out that it might not be as novel as someone I know thought it might be.  Who knows.  If that doesn't work out I'm definitely going to re-read a few of my essays and write some final remarks on Virtue Ethics.  Might come in the form of a paper, might come in the form of a short post. 

Feeling pretty good.

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