Friday, March 18, 2016

A Few Thoughts on House of Cards

I'm not done with the fourth season of House of Cards yet, but overall I'm pleased.  Not the best season, but I'm enjoying it.

Something I've noticed that I think is brilliant is the power and focus on manipulation of emotion rather than positing ideas in American politics.  Conway tries to manipulate everyone into thinking they are his friend and buddy by posting everything he's every done - family videos, breakfast with the kids and so on.  He ignores the American people's safety regarding back-round checks of firearms, and instead of focusing on the American people, he wants the American people to focus on him - though he's a Republican we see that he's exactly the kind of political animal that Frank is, he just has a family to give him a different brand.

Frank ultimately has the lead though through a different type of emotional manipulation.  Manipulation of fear of death and the idea that we automatically have to support people who have almost been killed or have lost a loved one.  He manipulates people in a way you only can on special events or tragedies in life; while Conway tries to manipulate people over the mundane things, which isn't as effective.  Without Frank getting shot and Claire losing his mother, it is likely that they wouldn't have stood a chance, and the American people would not have accepted her as VP.  It's in her speech:  My mother said that the American people want me to run so I will.  That's her inserting the idea that they want her in their minds using the death of her mother to solidify it.  "Oh, of course I want this woman to be VP, a dying woman that I have to give support to said so."  In politics, there is always appeal to the superficial and the emotional over the substantive and the legitimate.

I might have more to say on this later, but I still need to write those essays that I told you about.

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