Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Word of Advice for SJWs

Do not become personally affected or harmed by others' criticism of you, or they saying things you don't like - if its something stupid that's "on them," not you.  My criticizing of your ideas or stances in no way makes me sexist, racist or homophobic.  Calling someone sexist, racist or homophobic is not a refutation of their argument. 

Believing you have the right to censor those who think differently than you is authoritarian and coddling rather than respecting everyone as individuals who have the right to speak and be heard.  If you don't like what someone else says - say something.  That way, instead of merely calling something you disagree with a buzzword you and the person you are having a discussion with (assuming you're both in each other's presence) can potentially grow through the exchanging of ideas and world views.

Honestly.  Identity Politics and other trends of the Social Justice Warrior culture is to the Left what Patriotism and Religion are for the Right.  Mindless collectivism.

If you have a position defend it.

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