Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pointless... well, what's pointless is me even saying the rest of it.

Lately I've started to develop a deep appreciation of my home state of Wisconsin (Wis-kahn-sin, even though no one I know really talks like the Mid-Western Ca-nucks of Fargo).  It just has a great history and a lot of great things about it.  Funny because I've always been anti-patriot and don't like a lot of things about America.  But sure, I'll express some love for my home and the delicious cheese made here.  Just don't expect me to watch a Packer game anytime soon - though it is really something that we have the only publicly owned team around; makes an ol' Socialist well with pride.  Plus we gotta history of Socialist Mayors.  If you don't believe me re-watch Wayne's World (I know you've watched it at-least once because no one would rather read my rink-dink blog than watch Wayne's World when they've never before) and listen to my good friend Alice Cooper.

Did some slacking today for my day off.  But I did set up my laptop for selling and looked into summer classes - so not a complete loss.  Plus I saw a panel discussion on climate change that was provocative.  The soonest stuff is due Monday anyhow.  I just have a bit to do so I wanted to put a dent in it today.

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