Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rally for Sanders! Let the Rich Tremble!

There's a lot of truth behind this post:  https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/4altxn/the_hard_states_are_behind_us_the_southern/

If you're a Sanders supporter like me you were disappointed tonight.  Sanders winning has become at-least slightly less likely - but still possible.  And this possibility is what we need to focus on and work towards - focusing on defeat will not help us win.

I like to think I'm fairly apt at guessing the turn-out of elections.  At the very beginning I guessed for the Republicans it would be between Trump, Cruz if there would be a third I said it'd be Bush (this was when everyone was saying Trump didn't stand a chance and everyone thought it would be Bush vs. Clinton) but had no idea how much of a lackluster dud Jeb was.  We all knew it would be between Clinton and Sanders for the Democrats, and while I had hope for Bernie even since the beginning, it is something to see him actually race against Clinton much-like Obeamie did in '08.  Remember:  Clinton was creaming (or at-least beating) Obummer in the beginning.  The fact that many Southern states prefer her speaks legions about the type of person and candidate she is.  Sorry, but the South is just trash.  Always has been, likely always will be.  I would've been happier being born almost anywhere in Western Europe, but since I had to be born A-merry-can-ah I'm glad I was born in the Mid-west.

Got stuff likely involving Schopenhauer and the Cynics coming up.  Also another paper with Orwell front and center.

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  1. Can confirm: American south is complete trash. I have almost nothing positive to say about this area of the country; not even its contrived politeness and hospitality, which only exists so long as you are viewed as a member of polite white society.