Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blah Blah Blah Pumpernickle Blah

Just beat Crash Twinsanity.  Pretty good game.  Gameplay wise I'd put it around a B+/A-.  I personally prefer the level format of the other games, but I do like the change of having it be one long playthrough (or world) as well.  Interesting idea and its executed well asides from a few kinks and areas I didn't care for.

Difficulty wise I'd put it somewhere between the first Bandicoot and the second and third (can't remember how difficult the fourth one was, but I'd probably put it just below this one difficulty wise; the second and third one's are fun but really easy honestly).  Not much of a challenge but what I really loved about the game was its self-aware humor. You could tell it was made for people who grew up with Crash even though the first one came out only eight years before this one came out - which itself was twelve years ago; damn I'm old.

Beat the entire Crash series then - or at-least the ones I'm interested in.  I don't find beating the handheld games or the last two (which are entirely different gameplay wise) appealing.  So good bye Crash.  You were and still are my favorite platforming series - even more than Mario.  I might try to emulate the Gamecube and Wii now so I can play Pikmin and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which I never played - didn't get into the Wii very-much).  Otherwise its just random games to momentarily play to kill time for me for the time being.

Take care.

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