Saturday, April 23, 2016

Here at College

On my floor there's some Conservative dumbshit who's posted a lot of poorly drawn poorly reasoned political comics on his door.  One of them has a fetus saying "where's my right to choose?"  Exactly.  I didn't get a choice to be born.  I was born and now suffer without my consent.  Oh I'm sorry, you were referring to abortion?  The thing that reduces pain for both the parent who doesn't want a child (and most-likely couldn't raise the little fucker properly - and even if she could the child would get fucked up like every other human being one way or another) and the child who never consented to exist and suffers through being born?

People consider abortion a "women's rights" issue.  I consider an issue of whether or not that child has the right to not exist - it does.  Abortion should not only be legal - it should be highly encouraged.

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