Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poke'mon and Egoism

This is just something quick but I'm playing Poke'mon Black and there's the Team Rocket equivalent in this game called Team Plasma.  They claim to want to liberate Poke'mon from their trainers.  In the end they have nefarious intent but I don't think that disinvalidates the argument they didn't really believe in.

One of the Gary rival characters in the game says at one point:  They want to separate Poke'mon from their trainers.  You might as well have a world without Poke'mon!  This is a very good example of egoism.  Apparently if Poke'mon didn't serve humans then they might as well not exist. Any good their lives can bring to them or other Poke'mon is without significance or merit.  I think unfortunately we often see other people in the same light.

There's a video on PhilosophyTube where the Brit wanker (I actually like the guy but I also like the word 'wanker') goes into how Team Plasma are like Marxist Revolutionaries who see that the Poke'mon are exploited for their labor.  Check it out if it interests you.

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