Saturday, April 16, 2016

Return to the Classics - and by classics I mean a fifteen and a twelve year old game

In the last week I've beaten Pikmin and Pikmin 2 again.  I've beaten them both a few times in my life, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through these Gamecube classics again.  Haven't been able to play Pikmin 3 yet and I'm definitely not buying a Wii U just for that and Super Mario Maker.  I might try and run through Metroid Prime and/or Twilight Princess.  LoZ was a series I've wanted to get into but never have.

Maybe I'll try and beat Spyro A Hero's Tale which is a game I had growing up but never beat partly because it was one of the few Spyro games that didn't catch my attention.  I personally didn't like the switching to different characters.

I have two papers to work on in the next few weeks so I wouldn't be expecting a lot of material from me.  When I do have free time I'll probably be spending it on other things other than writing.  I'll have plenty of time to focus on my own writing(s) and ideas during summer.

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