Friday, June 3, 2016

A brief detailing of ten years

I remember having an old computer when I moved into my father's house (after my parents separated) in '06 that ran on Windows 98 - in high school a friend of mine and I tried putting a mod copy of Windows XP on it and though we succeeded because the computer was so old it essentially didn't have any extra space for anything else.  Throughout my childhood I had to share that computer or a shitty one that ran on Windows XP (that my mother monitored remotely because of her paranoia and lack of boundaries) with my sister and it drove me crazy.

Now I'm on my third laptop.  The first two I had were adequate, the first one the flashdrive became corroded (or whatever they call it) and the screen was partially broken and the second one is still usable though it has almost no battery life.  My most recent one has 6GB of Memory (or RAM or whatever) and has more flashdrive space then I know what to do with.

I was close to being a high school drop out.  I hated the school I was in and wanted to spend all my time watching movies and looking up random stuff on the internet but never explored it very deeply.  The only reason I got my high school diploma was because of inspiration I received from the philosopher Epicurus.  I flunked out my first semester at my community college and was homeless for a brief period of time.

Now I have my associates degree and am on track to getting a Bachelors in Philosophy and Psychology with a minor in Political Science.  I'm now living in my third apartment (not including the dorm I lived in during the school year).and its a fairly nice place.  The first apartment I lived in on Main St in my hometown was a shit hole and I lived there for two years.  My second place was very nice and I made the acquaintance of several special needs people who treated me well.  When I come home I'll probably try to see some of them.  I also lived there for very close to two years.

I'm cataloging these facts, which are meaningless to most, to diagram for myself the improvements in my life.  I now attend one of the better public universities in Wisconsin and my GPA is not exactly all A's but close to it.  As narcissistic as this sounds, I can tell when I have conversations with my professors that I'm the kind of person they wanted to be teachers for.  And that makes me very proud and happy that I can make them glad that they chose the careers that they did to educate and explore the life of the mind with people who partake of the nobler pleasures of life.

I might get a job soon but if I don't I'd honestly prefer it that way but I know I have to do some part-time work to make my family happy.

I also have made some pretty big developments (I would say improvements but that's debatable) in my philosophy also over the years.  But that would be a bit more of a task to describe properly.  Maybe for another time.

Right now I'm just appreciating the fact of my current existence that I'm numb to most of the time.

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