Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Am Alive!

Hey guys.  Know I've been gone awhile.  Been busy with (procrastinating) classwork and fending off the defenseless people of Nin from the evil forces of the Trump's Toopians.

Also just beat Spyro:  A Hero's Tail.  The only Spyro game I played growing up that I didn't beat.  Now I've beaten all of them ignoring the handheld one's and the awful one's that come out after A Hero's Tail.  AHT was mediocre.  Slightly worse than Spyro 3.  Ultimately I would highly recommend the first two but after that they become fairly forgettable.

Maybe I'll work on Sonic Adventure 2 now, maybe a Resident Evil game, maybe Poke'mon Black.  Who knows.

Oh, also I got a new job - yeah wage slavery!