Friday, June 2, 2017



If all thing follow from necessity,
If all things which are must be,
Then one might say it’s foolish to be alarmed.
But that doesn’t change the fact,
That Nature has necessarily made a fool of me.

For though it may be foolish to respond,
With anxiety to that which causes us harm,
This is how we all were made.
For some to say there’s no cause of alarm,
Is to add yet another level of dismay.

Although contentment should be our aim,
The passions of illusion necessarily take their hold.
So that we strive for happiness rather than serenity.
Since lasting satisfaction was not a feature of Man’s mold.
Necessarily continuing the cycle of desire, dissatisfaction and misery.

So though all things follow from necessity,
That doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me.
And this too flows from the Laws of Life.
We all act out our roles and play our parts,

And necessarily cling to fantasy and impossibility.

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