Saturday, June 24, 2017

On Lloyd Kaufman or something

Hey guys.  I’m going to start my Kant essay soon, but first I thought I’d write some random bullshit because it’s been a while since I’ve done a meandering pointless introspective piece.
I’ve been watching a lot of interviews with director and Troma president Lloyd Kaufman recently.  He seems like a sweet guy whose half-way intelligent, trying to get the word out about perceived injustices and rationalizes why his mostly mediocre films aren’t commercial successes.  It should be noted that I think most of his points are right – I just don’t think his movies would be hugely successful even if there wasn’t “vassalism” of the “devil worshipping movie cartels.”  I’m not even a third of his age, but I can see myself being something like Lloyd Kaufman when I’m older – except probably not with a huge network of people like he has.

I’ve taken off writing these past few days.  Although part of me enjoyed it another part of me feels I needed to write something, even a bullshit fluff piece like this, to scratch some itch deep inside.  There’s some other small stuff I might churn out before I really work on my Kant essay.  We’ll see.

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