Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quickly on a Blog Post

This blog post refuting Kantian ethics is intereting (  The author wants to defend "natural things" and sees flaws in Kantian Ethics that I concur with - however there are flaws in his own reasoning as well.  Or rather, there are if he's using the term "goods" to refer to things that are normative.  A thing can have value in a purely descriptive way without being normative.  However the word like "good" and "virtue" has intrinsic normative weight in our minds.

In the end he confirms my suspicion of Kant's morals being largely Augustinian.  However Kant is far more Libertarian than Augustine.  This is one reason why I want to write on Kant.  Because although Christianity is superficially in our culture, it is really Neo-Liberalism that is the mentality of American Culture.  With some Christianity Puritanism thrown in.

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